The Advert Place Network Ltd

Described as the Crème de la crème of the advertising industry, The Advert Place has earned supreme glory on account of its path breaking success. Ensconced amongst the gales of success, it offers excellent & convenient Ad placement service for the online platform.

We identified a defect in Nigeria whereby individuals & Small Medium Enterprises shy away from advertising due to the relative high cost and accessibility hereby unable to maximize their market share potentials.

How much does it cost? What are the Ad Sizes, Categories, Discounts available, what is the coverage & mileage, who do I contact? Where do I pay? Finally, how do I compare advert rates?

This lead to the development of an innovative online marketplace providing a portal connecting individuals & SMEs to media houses directly to compare rates and book adverts.

One of our main focus is to inform and encourage people to the potentials of classified ads which is cheaper, effective and commonly used in developed countries. To this end, we created a portal which provides a convenient way of booking classified ads in Newspapers. The portal however accommodates all sizes of advert and not limited to classifieds.

Painstakingly, we were also able to create an easy flow of booking radio adverts conveniently. We also designed the portal to accommodate magazines advert booking. To crown it all, we successfully integrated the first portal to book mass SMS (text) adverts.

Founded in 2015, with over 10 months in developmental stage, the portal has surpassed the zenith of creativity due to the unique and exceptional opportunity it offers. The Advert Place Network Ltd is a limited liability company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. The portal covers a vast array of media houses, thus proving its advantages as a scintillating platform for advertisements in the land.

The Advert Place has gained utmost prominence as far as the advertising sphere is concerned. Thus, it can guarantee secure and easy bookings to advertisers regarding different advertisement categories like Vacancy, products & services, Real-estate, Public Notice, Business, Remembrance, Obituary, Name Change and Education. Reasonable & discounted rates also enhance our popularity quotient with consumers.. The portal also displays profiles, coverage and brief information on media houses.


The chairman of the company, Mr Moses Jolayemi, is a veteran journalist, former MD/CEO of Newswatch Times Newspaper. He has also served as a prominent member of the editorial board of Thisday Newspaper, former editor at Guardian Newspaper, The News magazine and also served in Ekiti State Government as a member of the State Executive Council (EXCO).

Our mission is to simplify advertising.

We Vision ourselves to be the overwhelming channel of advertising in Nigeria & Africa .

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