Frequently Asked Questions

The available payment methods include; Verve, Visa& Master card, Interswitch, iBank (for GTB users only), you can also pay at our office through POS only or pay cash at the bank.
It depends on the magazine you wish to advertise your product. The cost of magazine adverts varies as there are different prices for different magazines.
VAT is charged and collected on behalf of the media houses. It is mandatory. However we do not charge service fee.
Yes you can, every rate is at discounted price.
In order to check the payment status for one of your Ads, please log in to “my Ad History” section. Once you’ve logged in, seek out the particular Ad and check the ‘status’ column. We will also send updates via email to you.
Yes you can, simply contact us to work out the modalities.
You can reset your password anytime, simply click on the link (“lost password?”) provided for lost passwords. And follow the instructions.
You can reach us on our office line (01-2915715) Mondays to Fridays (9am-5pm) and on Saturdays (10am-3pm). You can also contact us through our email address:  
Yes, it is essentially meant for our clients outside Nigeria.
The rates of all magazines are not the same. That is why there is a provision for you to compare their advert rates.
There is no additional charge for that. Uploading an already designed artwork is free of charge.
Yes, your invoice will be emailed to you after booking and making payment. You can also printout your payment receipt which is provided after payment procedure.
Yes it is, but with 5% administrative fee deduction.
You can email us at with your changed Ad content. But this has to be while your Ad status is “paid” or “not completed”. Once the status has changed, you cannot make changes to your Ad content.
if you have booked for an Ad, and there is an error in it, contact us through your email indicating the error and the changes you wish to make, also include your booking details, e.g. invoice number, the email you used to register etc.
To compose your Ad, login to our website, select your magazine of preference, choose category, state and Ad type then follow further instructions to proceed.
Yes, we have creative experts who will help you create your Ad artwork at no extra cost.
The acceptable file formats are Jpeg, PDF and png.

It depends on your budget. However the sizes and the cost of each of them are provided for you to decide on.

The requirements include images and the contents of the advert (texts)
Yes you can, we will send you 2 or 3 samples for you to choose from.

All have their advantages. However, magazine advert is meant for specific set of people. Magazines are retained by their readers and can be lent to family or friends on requests, that way an advert you run on magazine can still be seen by many.

Your Ad will appear in printed magazine only because we run our magazine Ad in prints.
Make sure you have the date (month and year) your product was advertised. Then compare it with when the products have not been advertised and find out customers’ response. That is the only way you will be convinced.
To confirm, all you have to do is purchase a copy of the magazine on the date selected.
Please contact us to resolve the issue, if the error is from us we will not hesitate to rectify it for free.
Booking without payment last for 24hours. If payment is not made within 24hours, then your booking will be cancelled.
Yes, you can. Call or email us to cancel your booking. Note that 5% administrative fee will be deducted from your refund.
Yes but it is still under development.
It will be published in printed version.
Yes, we can advise you on the magazine to use for your Ad in accordance to the type of advert you wish to run. There is also a provision for magazine selection, just click on the magazine options provided and select any magazine of your choice.
Yes you can, just follow the same process again for the advert you wish to run on each magazine.
As many as the population of the areas the magazine covers. Some magazines circulates as high as 600,000 copies  
It does not really matter. It all depends on your budget because they have different prices. It is left for you to decide which one is suitable for you.
It takes two days for your Ad to be published provided your payment is confirmed.
Yes, but if only the error is from us otherwise a 5% administrative fee will apply. However, your Ad would definitely be published on the selected date.
If such case occurs, please kindly contact us to resolve the issue at no cost.
In order to get good responses or results for your advert, you are recommended to advertise as often as possible.
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