Yes !, it is that simple .

Refer your friends to place an advert through the advert and get 5% commission on the Ad cost every time your friend places an AD.

Simply Process:

1. Register as a referral/Agent by filling the form below
2. We will send your referral code to you within 24hrs via sms & Email.
3. Give your friends your referral code and anytime they place an advert through the, you will get 5% commission.


Mr John is your friend. You introduced to Mr John to place a full page advert in XYZ Newspaper.

Mr John books his Advert through us and entered your referral code during the booking.

The Advert Mr John placed cost N200,000 after giving him a 10% discount.

You get…N10,000 commission (5%) for telling him. He gets up to 10% discount for listening to you!

Commissions are paid every week to your bank account.

The Best Part

Once your friend has used your referral code once, he does not need to enter it again. Your code will be tied to his account with us and you keep getting the commission.


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